Small tool for big ideas

MS Excel app for creating investment documentation and preparing project proposals


very simple to use

Fill in the input fields with a few clicks, add images and adjust the financial framework.

everything "by the book"

The final report complies with all current European and national regulations.

safe and economical

One-time payment. Professional support. And no worries ... all your work is stored locally.

In three versions

CLLD Conzept

Create a project proposal with a completed financial construction, with which you can work successfully within the CLLD.

DIIP Conzept

Comprehensive investment assessment in the form of an Investment Project Identification Document.

YOUR Conzept

Create your own tool in Microsoft Excel, tailored to your needs and desires, for a fraction of the price of regular applications

The end result is

a standardized printout of the essential elements of your project

Why MS Excel?

That's right - with more than a billion Microsoft Office users worldwide, Excel has become the professional standard in offices around the world for just about anything that requires managing large amounts of data.

But if you think Excel is only good for impressing you when you look at a bunch of numbers and financial reports, think again. In fact, the potential for use is endless.

✓ single platform
✓ local data storage
✓ upgrade options
✓ cheaper and faster app development

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